Traditional Wedding

Traditional Wedding

Two halves of the same soul, joining together in life’s journey.

~ AnnaLum nOkkinAn, avaLum nOkinAL ~


Let us take the first step
to provide for our household
a nourishing and pure diet,
avoiding those foods injurious
to healthy living.

Let us take the second step
to develop physical, mental,
and spiritual powers.

Let us take the third step
to increase our wealth
by righteous means
and proper use.

Let us take the fourth step
to acquire knowledge,
happiness, and harmony
by mutual love and trust.

Let us take the fifth step
so that we are blessed with strong,
virtuous, and heroic children.

Let us take the sixth step
for self-restraint and longevity.

Finally, let us take the seventh step
and be true companions
and remain lifelong partners
by this wedlock.

Saptapadi (Seven Steps)

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My day was made memorable with the clicks by Saravanan Sambad.
Both church wedding and the reception was covered beautifully.
Thank you once again for the awesome work. Package price is reasonable.
Clean job. Highly recommended.
Try his service.
He will never fail you.” – Mano & Sharon


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